RV Sinks

RV Sinks

Traveling in an RV offers some advantages and disadvantages. Of course, for those who are planning on traveling by land, say, for a week, the RV will be your best bet. It has the amenities all packed in a massive vehicle. You got beds, entertainment, food storage, food preparation as well as hygiene. If you have an RV, one of your biggest concerns would be finding the best options for hygiene and sanitation and that means water and disposal of water. Most designs are equipped with filtering and sanitation systems and of course to physically handle that, you need the RV sinks.

The RV sinks are designed to work the same way as a regular sink. It is just that the RV sink is subject to more physical pressure and it should be high quality. For that, you need to find the right RV sinks for the said device. So how do you plan to do that? Here are the qualities that you need to consider:


The RV sinks should be made of high quality materials. Since the RV is subject to bumps and tons of vibrations, sensitive materials that can easily crack with sudden movements cannot be used. The RV sinks are specifically designed to address such issues and aside from that, you also need to make sure that the device is equipped with the right hardware and is installed well. Durability is a key aspect when thinking of RV sinks. If you do not use the right one, you will end up with a nasty liability and it would be tough to cook, clean or wash if you do not have a functional sink.

Easy installation

The RV sinks are designed for ease of installation. Most of them already are custom fitted to particular sizes. However, if you have a custom designed sink, you need to have it fitted by an expert to ensure perfect results. They may adjust the size but that would be additional cost. The installation is normally very easy and you just have to place it on the counter and all you need is connect it to the pipes or fit the faucet in to become fully functional. The RV sinks will also have installation guidelines to help you out if you are doing the installation all by yourself.

Clean up

This aspect of the RV sinks is still connected on the material used. The sink should be easy to clean some of them only require wiping as maintenance. The best material to use is polyester resin that has been compressed and molded. This is much durable compared to the fiberglass and can be fitted with designs and textures similar to common textures and can be customized to fit the counter top that could be made of marble or granite or other materials. The clean up should not be messy and is very easy.

Differences between kitchen and bath sinks

When you think about the RV kitchen sinks. You will notice that there is an additional accessory hole where you can place other fixtures for a more functional reason. This kind of RV sinks is designed for high traffic and should be durable and must have additional features to ensure better results. The space should also be wider to accommodate items that you would not normally place on the bath. The RV bathroom sinks are the RV sinks designed with a water stopper to wash the face or do other things. It is also smaller and is designed with a more sloping basin to let the water flow faster.